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Jacob deGrom stole the first base of his career on Yu Darvish’s watch

Thursday, August 31st, 2017:

No matter what else happens during the exciting pitching matchup of Yu Darvish and Jacob deGrom, one unexpected event did occur and that is fulfilling enough after all the hype going into Darvish’s first game as a Dodger. Jacob deGrom stole a base. Jacob deGrom stole a base on Yu Darvish’s watch in the latter’s […]   Read More →

Brock Holt tried in vain to avoid an out by playing tag at home plate

Saturday, August 26th, 2017:

That’s what Brock Holt did on Tuesday night while trying to avoid a tag at home plate against Cleveland in a game that had more crazy moments and spurts of offense than you can usually expect from baseball on any given day. Austin Jackson’s ridiculously impressive catch aside, Holt’s little dance was another highlight on […]   Read More →

Billy Hamilton climbs the wall for an incredible over-the-shoulder catch

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017:

Billy Hamilton probably should not have caught this ball. Realistically, it is a highly uncatchable spherical object rocketing through the air at a speed which makes it hard to track and on an arc that would have it land right in the middle of the outfield wall. Suffice to say catching it wouldn’t be on […]   Read More →

who can say for sure he won’t get a call before Kaepernick?

Sunday, August 20th, 2017:

Khalil Mack is doing much better before his bigger deal, but Barr, who has done everything in Mike Zimmer’s versatile, linebacker-friendly scheme, could use a significant bump. There’s not much he can’t do as the backbone of the defense. In relation to OBJ, there has been limited attention given to the fact that Evans was […]   Read More →

Rams-Chargers scrimmage turns into ‘Fights for L.A.’

Friday, August 18th, 2017:

Forget about sharing L.A., the Rams and Chargers can’t even share a practice field. The teams got into three fights during a joint workout Wednesday in Irvine, Calif., according to multiple reports from the teams’ second practice together in five days. The Cowboys said Crawford, who had 4 1/1 sacks last season, has a “significant […]   Read More →

Lucky Whitehead impostor identified, arrest warrant issued

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017:

The man suspected of impersonating former Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead has been identified and Virginia police have issued a warrant for his arrest. Deyvon Marquette Newman, 25, has been charged with petty larceny, identity theft and presenting a false identification to a law enforcement officer after he claimed to be Whitehead when he was allegedly […]   Read More →

Cowboys’ Tyrone Crawford diagnosed with ‘lateral sprain’

Monday, August 14th, 2017:

The Cowboys suffered a big setback Tuesday when defensive end Tryone Crawford injured his ankle during practice Crawford, 27, went down after he chasing running back Ezekiel Elliott and was seen grabbing his right leg. “We’ve addressed it,” Bowles said following Tuesday’s practice at Florham Park. “I really don’t have time for a bunch of […]   Read More →

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