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Move over Jose Altuve: The Astros now have two of the shortest players in MLB

Kemp’s stature makes him a novelty in contemporary times, but his lack of height isn’t as impressive from the wide angle. Since 1950, there have been nine players who were 65 inches tall or shorter — Eddie Gaedel, obviously enough, being the shortest of the short. If we limit our scope to the 1970s forward, then Al Montreuil, a second baseman who received a shot glass of coffee with the Cubs in the early ’70s, takes the crown as the shortest player.

So even when it comes to being tiny, Kemp comes up, well . . . you get it.

New Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase spent three years coaching one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. As the quarterbacks coach and then offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos from 2011 through 2014, Gase spent three seasons working with Peyton Manning, helping him mastermind a record-breaking offense.

Possibly as some sort of thank you (or maybe just because he’s a nice guy), the now-retired Manning visited Gase at his new gig earlier this offseason and gave some instruction to Gase’s new pupil, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Per the Miami Herald, Manning took a trip down to Miami to work with Tannehill and instruct him in the ways of Gase’s offense.

Timber Jockeys: Combining the fun of Minor League Baseball with the rich carousel history of the Triple Cities, the Timber Jockeys pays homage to everyone that rides the carousels.

The Stud Muffins! The Rumble Ponies! I love it. Minor-league teams should have silly nicknames. That the nickname will also have some sort of ties to the community makes it even better.

When the Cowboys built AT&T Stadium it started it 750 million and grew to $1.2 billion. The practice facility will have a bigger final price

— Clarence Hill (@clarencehilljr) May 4, 2016
When all 90 acres of The Star in Frisco are complete it will total around $1.5 billion. That’s more than the cost of building AT&T Stadium

— Jon Machota (@jonmachota) May 4, 2016
So, why is it so expensive? Thanks to the Dallas Morning News, we know that it includes a 16-story hotel, an event center, a members-only club, practice fields, restaurants and retail stores, office space and an underground parking garage. The Star also features a 12,000-seat indoor stadium, which will be shared with high school teams, and a sports medicine center, which will be available for public use and will hopefully be able to develop an artificial, superior collarbone for Tony Romo.

Jones has said publicly that he never met his father, but already feels comfortable around Ryan, who is known as a player’s coach.

“He’s a great guy, already,” Jones said. “When I got to visit here in Buffalo he just had some pretty honest remarks. He told a couple of (Ohio State) players, ‘Dude, we’re not going to freaking draft you guys. You guys are going to be gone before we can draft you.’

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