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Redskins Reclaim Top Jersey Sales Crown in Maryland

Not many people would pick the Redskins over the Ravens on the gridiron, but in Maryland–the game day home of both franchises–the top selling jersey is once again burgundy and gold.

This according to a jersey report published by Dick’s Sporting Goods, which notes that year-over-year, Maryland’s top NFL jersey went from being Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco to Washington outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan.

Indeed, more than half of all states (28) saw a change in top jersey seller, including Maryland and Virginia. In Virginia–one of the last bastions of Redskins fanaticism and home to the team’s training camp and full-time training facility–the top selling jersey shifted to Kerrigan from deposed quarterback Robert Griffin III.

While there are many factors that contribute to merchandise sales, one contributing factor is Kerrigan’s new contract, which keeps him in Washington through the 2020 season. Meanwhile, Flacco did very little to attract extra attention in Baltimore, and Griffin III was benched in Washington.

Interestingly, Maryland was one of 15 states that also saw the top seller’s team change as well, including Delaware (Joe Flacco, Ravens to Odell Beckham Jr., Giants) and Kentucky (Johnny Manziel, Browns to Marcus Mariota, Titans).

Kerrigan is one of just 10 non-quarterbacks with the highest selling jersey in at least one state. Of those 10, only eight have the highest selling jersey in multiple states.

The most geographically obscure team change occurred in Hawaii, which pulled for Cam Newton in 2014 before switching to Russell Wilson in 2015. In addition to coming within one play of consecutive Super Bowl titles, Wilson helped organize an offseason training trip for the team to Hawaii in May.

Overall, the Redskins saw jersey sales drop from 15th in the NFL in 2014 to 19th going into 2015. The Bengals and 49ers saw the biggest drops in jersey sales, each falling eight spots to 21 and 22, respectively.

The top-three jersey selling teams in 2015 are New England Patriots, New York Giants and Cleveland Browns as the surprise winner.

The award for the player selling the highest number of jerseys in the highest number of states belongs to Peyton Manning, who rules jersey sales in Colorado and seven surrounding states.

These numbers are based solely on sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of several merchandising partners of the National Football League. According to the report, jersey sales were tracked through online and in-store purchases between April 30 and September 3, 2015. Last year’s results were measured until Week 22 of 2014.

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