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Golden State Warriors are gigantic in China

Draymond Green has signed thousands of autographs in his life, but it was a specific one in China that will stick with him forever.

“I signed an autograph for this guy today, he started crying,” Green said after the Golden State Warriors’ win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night. “It caught me off guard. Just didn’t expect that, but to see what you mean to someone else and how you can impact someone else, it’s special … He was legitimately in tears. I really couldn’t believe it. I’ve seen quite the interactions, [people are] surprised to see you. You touch someone and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, they touched me!’ I signed an autograph and he started crying, I couldn’t believe it. But it was definitely a special moment, one that I won’t forget. Not only today, that’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

“Really good,” Lue said of Rose’s turn at backup point guard. “I think having him on the second unit, along with the first unit, him and Bron can always push the pace because we want to play with pace, play fast. And then we want to get D-Rose back with that second unit, we can push and we’ve got JR and Kyle (Korver) running the lanes, and you have Jeff Green filling the lanes and D-Rose can go to the basket. So, he’s going to be able to find guys and we’re going to have a lot of space on the floor for him, but we can still play with pace.”

At times last season, Lue would have Irving play a similar role by starting at point guard, coming out of the game with around four minutes remaining in the first quarter and then coming back in at point guard with the second unit to start the second quarter.

Wade had opened up training camp playing a heavy dose of backup point guard Cheap Basketball Jerseys UK in Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys practice, but evidently Lue found Rose better suited for that role.

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