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Mayowa actually started at the end of last season and finished the year strong.

Some folks tend to assume that an NFL player should be able to catch the football relatively well, and then are flummoxed when a guy who had quite a few drops in college ends up having quite a few drops in the pros as well. Dudes who have been playing wide receiver or tight end their whole lives may end up struggling to make catches when they get to the league, so it certainly stands to reason that a guy who only recently switched to one of those positions might have some issues with it as well.

So far Thomas has looked at least OK catching the football in the preseason, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

If there was one criticism I had of Pryor last year during his breakout season, it was that he didn’t come down with as many 50/50 balls as I thought he should have. I had to keep reminding myself that he was just getting used to being a receiver. From what I’ve seen in camp from him this year, it appears that Pryor has indeed worked on getting better at coming down with contested catches.

Mayowa actually started at the end of last season and finished the year strong. Five of the last six regular season games, he had at least a half a sack which is pretty impressive for a guy on a team that supposedly didn’t have any pass rushers.

Mayowa isn’t real big or super fast, and he isn’t particularly tall, either. What he is is just a really good football player whose technique continues to improve week by week.

I like him as a run defender. He’s good at getting his arms extended when taking on blockers and then shedding them to make a play. Mayowa is also good with movement and run stunts. He looks really quick when he goes laterally, and he knows how to get “skinny” to slip through a gap. He’s Cheap Quality Soccer Jerseys a pretty good pass rusher because he has active hands and also Cheap Retro NBA Jerseys turns his hips toward the quarterback while he’s rushing.

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