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The Buccaneers are among the handful of teams that have stuck with last year’s template

No team in the league has top-level talent like the Steelers. The Patriots and Packers are deeper, and the Falcons are close, but when everyone’s healthy, no team is as scary on offense as Pittsburgh. The defense is a lower-ceiling version of the same discussion, where guys like Cameron Heyward and Ryan Shazier will need to stay healthy for Mike Tomlin’s team to topple the Patriots. The late addition Cheap Jerseys Mall of Joe Haden will help, even if it has been three years since Haden played at a consistently high level. Barring an early-season injury to Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh is going to make its fourth consecutive trip to the postseason.

The defense remains a work in progress, but the Raiders should get a full season out of potential superstar safety Karl Joseph, while third-year defensive lineman Mario Edwards Jr. — who missed virtually all of 2016 — profiles as a badly needed run-stopper on the edge up front if healthy and in shape. Even if the Raiders are entirely average in close contests, their true talent level could very well be good enough to win 10 or 11 games.

The Buccaneers are among the handful of teams that have stuck with last year’s template, so they’re still saddled with the Flywire collar.

On the plus side, the Bucs have added a new set of white pants with red trim. The previous white pants, with pewter trim, are still part of the team’s wardrobe, but the new version Cheap Jerseys NFL Wholesale is a big upgrade. Here’s hoping they wear it a lot this season.

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