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George’s early decision helped the Pacers by assuring they received something in a trade.

The Lakers couldn’t promise George anything different from what other teams with cap space can. With hard individual maximum salaries in the NBA, L.A. couldn’t promise to squirrel away extra money for him if he committed under the table early. It’s difficult to imagine, literally, anything the Lakers could say now to influence his decision-making given his obvious interest in playing in Los Angeles.

Further, the Pacers traded George! (They did so after beginning the tampering complaint with the league, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne). Indiana is out of the Paul George business, having shipped him off quickly after his future plans became public. Why should the Pacers receive recompense if a player who was already rumored to be tilting toward the exit confirmed as much a year before becoming a free agent?

If anything, George’s early decision helped the Pacers by assuring they received Real Cheap Jerseys something in a trade. Don’t we think the Jazz would have liked to hear Gordon Hayward say he was definitely leaving for the Celtics a year ago instead of on July 4?

Sneaker deals work similarly to NBA deals in that the later you Rugby Cheap Jerseys get in the lottery the less money companies are willing to pay you — unless you’ve got some special appeal. Smith’s deal at $2 Ravens Cheap Jerseys million per year is closer to what higher lottery picks typically get but with a couple more years tacked on instead of just three.

Smith is worth it for Under Armour because of what he could become. This is essentially like restricted free agency in a roundabout way. Under Armour was willing to dig deep in their pockets to entice Smith to sign. Other companies could afford to do the same, but they had to make a choice to and ultimately didn’t.

Now, Under Armour has Smith and Josh Jackson in its pocket as two top-10 picks with the potential to pay huge dividends in the future.

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