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Jacob deGrom stole the first base of his career on Yu Darvish’s watch

No matter what else happens during the exciting pitching matchup of Yu Darvish and Jacob deGrom, one unexpected event did occur and that is fulfilling enough after all the hype going into Darvish’s first game as a Dodger.

Jacob deGrom stole a base. Jacob deGrom stole a base on Yu Darvish’s watch in the latter’s much-heralded debut in blue.

As the photo above shows, someone put a fake chalk outline of Espada’s body on the ground where he fell the day before.

Possibly the best part of this is that the Yankees are in the middle of a series against the Blue Jays, and are away. So either the Jays went the ruthless route and made fun of an opposing team’s coach, or the Yankees got an opponent’s grounds crew to do their dirty work, which resulted in a great prank.

It certainly seems like it’s the latter, in which case we applaud their planning since it was done before the team arrived at batting practice.

Either way, Espada got properly made fun of here for his trip and will Cheap Official Jerseys be keeping an eye on where he puts his feet from now on. One in front of the other, Joe.

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