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A minor leaguer almost cleared the left field wall in an outstanding leaping catch

T.J. Nichting fought the wall, and the wall … sort of won.

Not completely though, as Nichting managed to hang on to the ball during a spectacular leaping catch for the Aberdeen IronBirds on Monday night.

The left fielder tracked a foul ball to the stands and then followed it into the seats to snag it, but the most impressive part of the clip is the fact that while jumping to make the catch he darn near cleared the wall completely.

Nichting got right back up after he fell into the stands, so it doesn’t look like he landed too awkwardly or hurt himself in the process in any way. That’s the benefit of landing exactly in the aisle rather than on hard seats or people.

Even when a rude ol’ wall is taking your feet right out from under you, it’s still possible to achieve the amazing.

And that doesn’t include Daniel Murphy, whose defense dinged him, but he shows up on the also-impressive second tier, with Ben Zobrist, Jason Kipnis, and Cesar Hernandez. But the raw totals are going to favor more recent seasons because there are 30 teams with a second baseman. If you go back to when there were 16 teams, you can take Rogers Hornsby, Eddie Collins, and names picked at random to come up with an equally impressive list.

My eyeballs are going to stray, though, and pick a year from the ‘70s. Joe Morgan! Rod Carew! Paul Molitor! Davey Lopes! Frank White! Willie Randolph! I’ll take 1979 so I can sneak Lou Whitaker Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale on there, too.

Plus, as FanGraphs noted, the 2017 crop of second basemen isn’t nearly Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping as impressive this season. Bark beetles, but for second basemen, probably.

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