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Billy Hamilton climbs the wall for an incredible over-the-shoulder catch

Billy Hamilton probably should not have caught this ball. Realistically, it is a highly uncatchable spherical object rocketing through the air at a speed which makes it hard to track and on an arc that would have it land right in the middle of the outfield wall.

Suffice to say catching it wouldn’t be on the list for many outfielders in baseball.

Billy Hamilton did catch it, though, in dramatic fashion with an over-the-shoulder snag while running up the center field barrier in order to even be in a position to catch it in the first place.

The catch robbed the Padres’ Carlos Asuaje of what would have been at least a double, and impressed everyone watching the game in the process.

Hamilton even chuckled a little after the play while lying on the warning track. No real pain from that one, just an appreciation of his own out-there skills.

Beltre likes his on-deck circles where he likes his on-deck circles. When an ump asks him to move from the spot where he is warming up to the designated on-deck area, he decides: “Nah.”

So he slides the on-deck circle to where he’d like it to be instead of just Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys acquiescing — and gets promptly ejected.

Has there ever been a more perfect distillation of who Adrian Beltre is as a baseball player and a person? Maybe. Has there ever been a funnier distillation of who Adrian Beltre is as a baseball Cheap Liverpool Soccer Jerseys player and a person? Not even close.

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