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Lucky Whitehead impostor identified, arrest warrant issued

The man suspected of impersonating former Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead has been identified and Virginia police have issued a warrant for his arrest.

Deyvon Marquette Newman, 25, has been charged with petty larceny, identity theft and presenting a false identification to a law enforcement officer after he claimed to be Whitehead when he was allegedly caught stealing $40 worth of items from a convenience store in Prince William County, Va., TMZ Sports reported.

“I’d love to see what our offense did last week — take the ball down on a really good drive and score points,” Arians said Wednesday. “The last thing you want to see is three-and-out, three-and-out. It’s an excellent defense (for the Raiders), a different style than the defense we see in practice.”

Leftwich, who retired from the NFL following the 2012 season, is actually 11 months younger than Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer.

“He doesn’t have a lot of experience calling plays but just his knowledge of the offense, his knowledge of being the guy who hears it in his headset will serve him,” said Palmer, who will be 38 in December.

Arians believes Leftwich, who celebrated his 37th birthday in January, can be a head coach some day in the NFL. If the Cardinals’ offense is effective Saturday, it will be a step in the right direction for Leftwich to move up the coaching ladder.

“That’s a really tough transition,” Dockery said. “Even when you have your life planned out, it’s a tough transition to make. You have to reinvent yourself.”

Dockery knows this world intimately, as she is the daughter of former cornerback Cheap Jerseys In The US John Dockery, who won Super Bowl III with the New York Jets.

Even with the special circumstances facing so many former NFL players, according Cheap Jerseys Hockey to Dockery, most of the calls they receive revolve around issues facing people of every profession, including relationship problems and money.

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