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Video shows two men knocked out in aftermath of alleged Darrelle Revis fight

A cell phone video obtained by TMZ Sports shows the aftermath of the fight that led to Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis’ arrest last week.

The video, which Pittsburgh police confirmed was from the Feb. 12 incident, doesn’t catch the fight, but shows two men knocked out on the ground. In the background, an unidentified voice is heard yelling, “Shut up before I knock your a— out next.”

Ryan was recruited by Purdue, Iowa, Georgia Tech and Connecticut before opting to go with Boston College.

“I remember signing,” Ryan told McClure. “It was at my high school. We had a number of different athletes at our school who were signing to go to different places. And it was a fun event. I chose BC because it was an awesome place. It’s a great school. It’s a great place to play football. The city is one of the best to go to college in. There’s so many schools, so many different places you can go hang out. It’s was an awesome place, and I’m glad I made that decision.”

According to 247Sports, Kyle Wright was the top quarterback in the class, beating out five star prospects Chris Leak (No. 2) and Robert Lane (No. 3). Ryan ranked behind the 2003 class that also included current or former NFL signal-callers JaMarcus Russell (No. 5), Dennis Dixon (No. 6) Brady Quinn (No. 7), Matt Flynn (No. 15), Kevin Kolb (No. 43) and Joe Flacco (No. 47).

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