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Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is so confident in Tony Romo, there’s no other quarterback he’d rather have when the team needs to get down the field for the win in the fourth quarter. When asked how he’d feel if the Cowboys had the ball with two minutes Cheap Essendon Jerseys left and down four points, Jones was quick in his response.

“I’m expecting to win it,” Jones told KRLD-FM. “I hadn’t booked it, but we had ’em against Denver. And we’ve got a quarterback that’s the best in the business in the fourth quarter. He’s the best.

The St. Louis Rams might explore the idea of signing free agent quarterback Tim Tebow, according to NFL Network’s Michael Silver.

Incumbent quarterback Sam Bradford was injured in Sunday’s 30-15 loss against the Carolina Panthers, which could prompt a move to sign another passer, depending on his diagnosis. Silver was quick to acknowledge that while the Rams are exploring the idea of bringing in Tebow, he believes a signing would be unlikely.

Bradford was pushed out of bounds during Cheap Euro Jerseys the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game, landing awkwardly on his knees. He will undergo an MRI on Monday to determine the severity of the injury.

Long appeared to throw a punch during a large scrum that erupted at the beginning of the third quarter. Panthers receiver Steve Smith and Long could be seen jawing on the field during the previous play, and Long was clearly upset by something Smith said. A large shoving match erupted after the end of the next play, with players from both teams rushing in to join the scuffle.

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