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Of course, it’s tough to truly determine the worth of said offers, as a “high pick and a player” can represent several degrees of value. There’s a steep difference between a first-round pick and second-round pick, just as there is a big difference between a second and a third. Also, the Browns would logically only be interested in adding a player via trade if they believe that player could be a piece of their Cheap Dog Jerseys rebuild.

Therein lies the problem, as Gordon, 22, is a young, ascending player that a team like the Browns would seemingly want to protect and work to build around. Still, every player has a certain value to a team and if an offer exceeds that value, the possibility of a trade always exists. As Mike Krupka of SB Nation’s Browns blog, Dawgs By Nature, said on Monday night, a trade seems unlikely, but its tough to full rule out an offer sweeping the team off its feet:

I really don’t want to see the Browns ship Josh Gordon away and I find it highly unlikely that this happens. But only time will tell if somebody offers a deal worthy of the “value” the Browns perceive Gordon to have.

With a week to go and at least three teams reportedly interested, there are a few guesses that can be made about possible landing spots for Gordon:

That’s it. Two years as a starter in college, eight years in the NFL, and seven bullet points to annotate his career highlights, two of which were weekly awards. “Fiesta Bowl Cheap Dolphins Jerseys Offensive Co-MVP,” in the long tradition of dressing up thin resumés, is perhaps the best way to sell a postseason performance against Pitt.

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