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NFL unveils Cowboys, Panthers Thanksgiving color rush jerseys

If you’ve been watching Thursday Night Football these last two weeks, you’ve probably noticed the Jets, Bills, Jaguars and Titans wearing all-color jerseys for the NFL’s Color Rush series (unless you’re color blind, that is).

At halftime of the Jags-Titans game, the NFL unveiled the next set of Color Rush jerseys, which will be worn by the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers for their Thanksgiving afternoon game.

Dallas’ jersey may look familiar. They’ve worn it before, back in the Triplets days (though the blue on the shoulders does appear a bit darker in this version). The Cowboys have worn the “star on the shoulder” jerseys on Thanksgiving in the past, but they usually go with the blue jerseys and white shoulders, while this set is flipped.

The Panthers, meanwhile, are going with an all-blue look similar to the one sported by the Titans on Thursday night. Also like Tennessee’s Color Rush jerseys, the Panthers will have slightly different shoulder piping for Thanksgiving day.

This game will be the only one of the Color Rush series to not feature color-on-color, since the Cowboys are wearing white.

Marshawn Lynch wears Kam Chancellor jersey at Seattle practice

Before 2015, the last time the Seahawks dealt with a prolonged holdout involving one of their best players was last year when Marshawn Lynch held out for eight days of training camp.

This year, the Seahawks are dealing with a holdout from Kam Chancellor, and things don’t look to be getting better anytime soon.

Lynch must feel a camaraderie with Chancellor because Beast Mode decided to go into Bam Mode on Thursday and wear the safety’s No. 31 jersey to Seattle’s practice.

Before the Seattle’s practice was over, word got to Chancellor that Lynch was wearing his No. 31 jersey and Chancellor showed his appreciation on Instagram.

“My mans always stay 100. Preciate the support. real recognize real..#NoHollywood #WeKnowTheTruth#AlwaysGotMyBack,” Chancellor wrote.

Chancellor wasn’t the only one who liked Lynch wearing No. 31. Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard told the Seattle Times after practice that Lynch wearing Chancellor’s jersey was “pretty cool … Just a testament to the closeness of our locker room.”

So when will Chancellor return?

That’s literally the million-dollar question.

The safety won’t play in Week 1 and at least one teammate believes that Chancellor’s willing to sit out the entire season unless the Seahawks are open to renegotiating his contract.

In a text to NFL Network’s Dan Hellie, Chancellor described negotiations as “petty,” but did add that the two sides are less than $1 million apart.

The Seahawks strong safety is set to make $4.55 million in base salary in 2015, with that number currently scheduled to increase to $5.1 million in 2016 and $6.8 million in 2017.

For every week Chancellor holds out in 2015, he’ll miss out on a game check worth roughly $267,000.


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