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Breiner mentioned tailback Chase Edmonds’s statistics that day: 359 yards on 17 carries.

Within two seconds, Nick turned to his coach with the per-carry average: 21.1 yards.

I pulled my phone out and did the math to make sure he was right, Breiner says. I’ve known some people who can do math in their head like that, and typically those people are extremely high functioning.

SI’s Top 100 College Football Players: Where Does Nick Fitzgerald Land?

Fitzgerald’s arm is what excites Moorhead most; he and Breiner plan to use it more Cheap DUKe Basketball Jerseys than Mullen’s staff did, hoping to further develop that area. Breiner believes the two statistics most relevant to winning and losing games are turnover margin and explosive plays. When he wasn’t welcoming his quarterbacks to what he calls the RPO world this spring, Breiner was putting them through drills to improve their long passes.

Brian Billick: He comes in, and I can tell he’s not really on top of it just yet. Then once he becomes the starter he transforms—his focus and everything. He knew he never had to force the ball. Someone was going to be open. He was so focused on being a pocket quarterback, proving everyone wrong. He wanted to so much to show that he could that he actually wouldn’t run the ball. Teams were spying him, waiting for him to take off—and he never did.

Cris Carter: Brad had better anticipation and less arm strength, but Randall has a bigger arm and could ad lib and do other things that other quarterbacks can’t do. We knew that, in having Randall, we had one of the best backups.

Don Banks: It was just lightning in a bottle. The next thing you know, Brad is on the sidelines watching this memorable season unfold. It could have easily happened the same way with Brad as the quarterback because, if anything, I think he had a better connection with Moss because they worked so closely together throughout the preseason.

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