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Cam Newton abruptly leaves news conference in latest fumble with media

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton abruptly walked out of his Wednesday news conference after a question about the offense’s ability to consistently get yardage in “big chunks.”

So, if you have a moment, can you ask me one question? Ask anything you want … about me, about fantasy, about you, about literally anything you might be slightly curious about me or anything else. I’ll print under your name and answer. That cool?

I got so many amazing questions that, well, we had to cut some of them for length back in Week 4. But the column was well received and I wanted to do something light this week after the past few weeks. (Thank you again for all the messages that keep coming in. I will get to all of them eventually, I swear. It means so very much to me.)

Even if the defense continues to struggle, the offense is No. 2 in both yards and points per game.

Kareem Hunt is revelation, Travis Kelce is a matchup nightmare, Tyreek Hill is giving peace signs to players as he torches them, and Alex Smith is continuing to play mistake-free football at a historic level.

The only other quarterback to ever start a season with seven consecutive games with at least one touchdown in each game and no interceptions was Milt Plum during a Pro Bowl season with the Browns in 1960.

It seems foolish to risk Luck behind an offensive line that allowed Detroit Lions Cheap Jerseys Brissett to be sacked 10 times and knocked down a staggering 20 times last week. The inexperienced Brissett was likely responsible for a few of those hits, and the Jaguars have Knicks Cheap Jerseys one of the league’s best pass rushes, but the season is already essentially lost.

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