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Bears signed a basketball player who hasn’t played football since high school

If you’re a Ball State basketball fan, you’re probably familiar with forward Franko House. Now, he’s playing football for the Chicago Bears, who signed him as an undrafted free agent on Saturday night.

The Bears asked House about a possible football career not too long before the 2017 NFL Draft. He worked out for them last week.

House played both football and basketball growing up. He hasn’t played football since high school though.

And like any good college basketball player who hasn’t played football in a few years, he’ll be working out as a tight end. Call it the NFL’s Antonio Gates memorial basketball player-turned-tight-end scholarship program.

He’s 6’6, 250 pounds, which fits the bill for a tight end in the NFL. Now, it’s just a matter of learning the ins and outs of the position, getting on the gridiron and taking a few more hits than he did on the hardwood.

Miami took the ball from there, moved forward a little bit and sealed the game – at long last – with a chip-shot field goal by Michael Badgley. 36-33, Miami. That’s how one of the swiftest comebacks in recent memory ended up for naught.

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