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Davis by all accounts is an exemplary person and incredibly hard worker.

When one enters “Here comes the” into Google, autocomplete suggests a lot of things. Here comes the sun. Here comes the airplane. Here comes the boom. Here comes the Lion Guard.

When you enter “Here comes the” into Google, though, your internet history gets sucked into the algorithm, and “Here comes the pizza” is the first result.

Congratulations. You’re in a special club. It’s not that special, of course. There are 1.5 million views on YouTube, and only half of them can be yours. But it’s special enough, and we should have a secret handshake.

If you’re not in the club yet, oh, oh my, come in, this is your lucky day. “Here comes the pizza” is 10 years old this weekend, and it’s time to celebrate it all over again.

Davis by all accounts is an exemplary person and incredibly hard worker. On the field, he’s one of the most pro-ready receivers to come out of college in recent drafts. While Davis could get more consistent in some facets of his game, particularly at the catch point, it really comes down to nitpicking.

Davis has the potential to be a No. 1 target in an NFL offense. He looks like an instant-impact star who should have a long NFL career. For the fifth time in 10 years, the Cleveland Browns will have a pair of first-round picks in the NFL Draft. If they want to maximize the value of their selections and set the foundation for their massive rebuild, they’ll have to draft like they’ve never drafted before.

The Browns’ first-round double-dips have netted just Good Quality Cheap Jerseys one selection who developed into a bona fide NFL star. Perennial All-Pro Joe Thomas is an island in a sea of failure that includes high-profile washouts like Trent Richardson, Justin Gilbert, and Johnny Manziel. The Houston Texans Cheap Jerseys last time the franchise had two Day 1 picks was in 2015, when it landed Cameron Erving and Danny Shelton. While the pair developed into starters for the league’s worst team, it’s too soon to suggest one draft has turned the Browns’ first-round fortunes around.

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