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Rich Eisen debuted his dating app for NFL fans last week and you can read the full review here, but for his inovation when it comes to knowing exactly what the discerning NFL fan wants, I had to give this award to him for helping me find a bunch of dates and get Cheap Elite Jerseys laid probably. I’ve been engaging with other users constantly since my review was published, here are some samples of new chicks I’ve almost hooked up with and I even made another manfriend.

As the host of NFL Networks zoo of a pre/post/dominos game show (no offense) Ive got a bit of a soft spot for old Rich, and I guess you could say the same about every chick on FreeAgent for me if you know what I mean. 😉 Honestly they should give every chick who tries to message me on that app a swiffer and a cigarette for later folks its getting absurd. Heard a funny story this weekend that when Eisen handed his iPhone to Jamie Dukes and told him that he made a App Dukes tried to eat it before his supper.

With rookie Jordan Reed playing well, Washington is reportedly shopping Fred Davis around the league. The six-year veteran appeared on his way to establishing himself as a top tight end before an Achilles’ tendon injury last season. He came back this season, but has not been as productive as he was earlier in his career.

Davis is currently playing on a one-year deal and could Cheap Epl Jerseys be an attractive option for a team looking for some help for the stretch run. If Washington is going to pull off a deal, it will have to do so somewhat quickly with the trade deadline approaching on Oct. 29.

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