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Achieving the round numbers don’t automatically translate into clinching the MVP.

At Deadspin, Albert Burneko makes the entertainingly wrong case that Westbrook is the obvious choice and any other pick will look like ahistoric foolishness in the future. The basis of this argument is that Westbrook is leading the NBA in scoring and averaging a triple-double, something that has never been done.

He’s also on track to break the record for usage rate and has an insanely high assist rate. His team would be lottery-bound if not for his presence; instead, they are destined for a lower playoff seed.

But so much of Westbrook’s candidacy is tied up in round numbers, which really mean nothing. Russ is at risk of falling below 10 assists per game if he has seven or fewer in his next contest.

Will Westbrook’s case for MVP really be materially different if he averages 32-11-9.8 on the season, just missing the triple-double year? Of course not! It would still be a historically great individual effort.

Achieving the round numbers don’t automatically translate into clinching the MVP. Westbrook’s season is amazing whether he averages 9.8 or 10.2 assists per game.

With that in mind, Josh Ho-Sang was never going to have an easy transition into the NHL. I could go further, but Arden Zwelling of Sportsnet put it perfectly in a profile of the young guy a few years ago.

If Patrick Kane (one of Ho-Sang’s favorite players) is too brash, and Tyler Seguin is too self-centered, and P.K. Subban celebrates too much, what will [the hockey world] do when confronted with Ho-Sang, a player who, after scoring an end-to-end goal earlier this season on which his teammates might as well have stood on their skates and watched, beelined directly toward the opposition bench so he could perform a shimmy shake in front of it?

Josh Ho-Sang can wear any number he likes, but 4 and 9 are regular hockey numbers. No. 66 is a vanity license plate.10

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